A Lover; Not A Fighter

Created by finn mackay 09 7 years ago
I will remember Claudia teaching us to fight, on the London Feminist Network self-defence training. I will remember her, a mighty Amazon woman; unarmed and dangerous, teaching us to fight while wearing a pink tee-shirt with the slogan "A Lover; Not A Fighter". Everyone was inspired by her quiet, grounded strength, her humour, her solidity, her power. I loved seeing her in meetings too, when we found ourselves at the same Home Office meeting or the same Violence Against Women and Girls groups or conferences. She was always a joy to sit with and laugh with and roll our eyes together at various Government policies! I also worked with her in Islington, when LCPS trained our year 7 young women in secondary schools. We had lots of feedback from pupils and teachers about what a difference the training made, I also heard from teachers that girls had told them about how they had fought off sexual harassment following the training. Many women teachers also benefited from the training and found it inspiring and empowering. I am so glad I met and worked with Claudia. We have lost a true Amazon, a Comrade and a Sister. She will be missed. We lost a comrade, we gained a legacy of feminist self-defence. Thank you to Claudia for her blessings and her wisdom and her energy. Her memory lives on in all those who survive because of her work, in all those who live because of what she did. Thank you Claudia; rest in peace in your bower of beech, the lady of the woods. Finn Mackay Founder: London Feminist Network & revived London Reclaim the Night